Get Larger Breasts Naturally

Spending a fortune on surgical procedures that are intended to provide you with the body that you have always wanted would be a mistake that many people find themselves making. However, this is an expensive burden that you do not have to experience. Instead, you may be interested to know that it would be possible for you to achieve your ideal body without having to put a hole in your wallet in the process. The cost of something such as breast implants would be something that you should heavily consider prior to deciding how you would like to improve your body. If you do not have the financial security to be able to sink a fortune into increasing the size of your breasts, you should stay away from having a look at such a drastic surgical procedure. Additionally, there is a very large risk that you will do a considerable amount of damage to your body both in the long and short term future. If you want to explore the most effective means of enhancing your body without the stress of surgery, you may want to discover some of the the before and after breast actives pictures that are available today.

It is very likely that you have asked the opinion of a friend or family member about things such as food choices and restaurant selections. Word of mouth and personal recommendation can be a helpful and reliable tool when you are weighing out a variety of things that may be available to you at any given point. Simply being able to have a look at the dramatic results that others have been lucky enough to experience may give you the confidence to explore the potential of this solution. The key to getting the breasts that you want would be simply knowing about this three step system and just how simple it would be to get breasts that are larger and more attractive than what you currently have. If you do not have a lot of money to spend on a cosmetic surgery, this may lead you to assume that breasts size is something which is fixed within your life. However, this three step system is both simple and effective at allowing you to enhance the look of your breasts with minimal effort. When you combine this with the fact that this breast enhancement product is natural, you can feel comfortable with turning to this solution.

How To Enlarge Breasts With Food and Herbs

Many women are wondering how to enlarge breasts by eating certain foods. Is it possible that there are specific foods that can trigger growth in your chest? Estrogen (female hormone) is responsible for the size of women’s breasts.

If hormonal imbalance is one of the reasons that women have small breasts, shouldn’t certain foods be able to balance the hormones?

Consider the following points about how to enlarge breasts by eating certain foods or herbs:

  • In China, flat chest girls are fed chicken soup with chicken head because it is believed to be rich in estrogen.
  • Fenugreek, also known as Trigonella has been used in Asian cultures for flavor and medicinal use. It has been known to increase milk supply and has been linked to breast enlargement. It can increase a woman’s cup size by delivering phytoestrogen to the body.
  • Hops are a great source of phytoestrogen. They are usually found in beer and can be purchased separately at brewer shops or online breweries.
  • Alfalfa sprouts, soy beans, tofu or soy milk are high in phytoestrogen and can increase a woman’s cup size if consumed daily.
  • Raw vegetables or fruits have the ability to support muscle tissue.
  • Fennel is an estrogenic herb and has a high concentration of estrogen. It has been used to promote milk production.
  • Dong quai has been linked to increasing a woman’s cup size because of its hormone regulation properties.

Hopefully, the foods or herbs above explain how to enlarge breasts by eating certain foods. Of course, there are many others that are rich in phytoestrogen. The most important part is knowing how much and when to eat these foods or herbs.

Natural Breast Enhancement Methods

A recent study has concluded that nine out of ten women wear the wrong bra that results in sagging of the breasts. Women across the globe urge for perfect breasts. All women want to satisfy their partners in bed and one of the easiest ways of doing so is flaunting larger breasts.

The body looks voluptuous and very sexy as the narrow waist adds beauty to the entire figure. You will see leading Hollywood actors flaunting a plunging neckline and show off their big and full boobs. Men are turned on when they see women with big boobs and gain immense pleasure during love making sessions.

Women should not get too experimental with health issues and should resort to natural breast enhancement therapy. If you browse the internet you will see that there many creams and pills that proffer magical results and result in temporary and permanent enhancement.

You must have heard popularly saying that prevention is better than cure the same applies when you think about breast enhancement. You can use pills, creams, lotions and devices to enhance the size of the breasts.

Women get very sensitive when a man comments on the size of their boobs. However, women across the world can wear padded bras to increase the size of the breasts. You shop at any of the leading departmental stores and try the padded bras before procuring to see how the entire body looks.

You should not feel awkward or funny. You should confidently flaunt the padded bra as it is one of the best natural breast enhancement methods. Many women use breast enhancement masques so that they can accentuate the beauty of their breasts. You can find any of these products online or at leading branded stores.

Women should stay away from surgical methods. Natural breast enhancement is safe and reasonable unlike surgery that is permanent and very expensive. In fact, most of the women are unhappy with the results after the surgical process.

Women are known to suffer from infections, rashes, itching sensations and in some severe cases arousal issues as well. Nipples do not harden and there may be loss of sensation as well. You must consult a medical expert before getting a surgery done.

Exercising is one of the best means to lose weight and breasts appear larger and fuller. This is the simplest and easiest natural breast enhancement method.

Natural Breast Enhancement Food – What to Eat?

natural breast enhancement foodsAlthough natural breast enhancement pills are widely used nowadays by women who want to have larger, fuller breasts, there is no guarantee that they will work for you or that they will allow you to achieve the right size that you’ve been aiming. Some pills may work, but may give you only a slight boost that’s almost not noticeable.

Some pills may also work, but may take quite a long time to do so. Thus, many breast enhancement supplement manufacturers advise the women who buy and use their breast enhancement products to accompany the supplement intake with other natural breast enhancement methods. These include eating the right foods.

There are certain foods that have a breast enhancing effect. The type of foods you eat affect the hormones in your body, and these hormones have a great effect on your body’s growth and well-being. In fact, many cultures believe that food has a profound effect on the overall development of the entire body, and that eating the wrong foods can even be the culprit behind small breast growth.

Sure, eating a lot can make you gain weight, which can also lead to increased breast sizes. However, what you should look for are breast enhancement foods that will help stimulate breast growth without making you gain weight. You can then add exercises to the list to make your efforts more effective.

What Foods to Eat?

Some foods contain phytoestrogens or other substances that increase the level of the hormone estrogen in your body. Since estrogen is responsible for making breasts grow, once it increases, the body will also experience significant changes. However, you have to be careful too because excessive amounts of estrogens in the body can also increase the risk of breast cancer. Thus, instead of taking estrogen, women who want larger breasts are advised to take foods that contain phytoestrogens, which behave the same way estrogens do but without the increased cancer risk.

Here are some of the foods that have been known to provide breast enhancement effects.

Soy and various soy products

Soy and food products made of soy are considered as good breast enhancers because they contain a substance called phyto-estrogen. If you have researched about breast enhancement pills, the term phyto-estrogen will surely be familiar. This is the substance that many breast enhancement pills use to stimulate breast growth. While it is available in many herbs, most of which can already be found in many breast enhancement products on the market, phyto-estrogen also happens to be present in soy. Food products that still contain soy include soy sauces, soy paste, and soy curds, among others.

Whole grains

Whole grains are very similar to soy. They also contain phyto-estrogens and thus may also be helpful in enlarging your breasts.


A variety of salads, depending on their ingredients, can also serve as breast enhancers. The secret to this are the various elements that the different ingredients of salad provide to the body. For example, most vegetable salads contain bromine and manganese, the two chemicals responsible for producing the body’s sex hormones. An increase in these chemicals can also stimulate further breast growth.

  • Beans
  • Peas and peanuts

Peas and peanuts are rich in isoflavonoids, which are known to help the body grow.

How to Find Foods with Breast Enlargement Properties

Given all these examples, you will notice how most of the foods on this list contain phytoestrogen chemicals, such as isoflavonoids, coumestans, and lignans. These are the three types of phyto-estrogens, with isoflavonoids being the most common.

Lignan phytoestrogens are also effective, but they can only be found in foods with high fiber such as bran, flaxseed, and beans.

Coumestan phytoestrogens, on the other hand, can be found in different types of beans including pinto beans, lima beans, and split peas. These can also be found in alfalfa and clover sprout.

Advantages of A Breast Enhancement Diet

Most of the foods that contain phyto-estrogens are health foods that are perfectly safe for the body. In fact, instead of placing the body at risk of certain reactions, these foods even provide additional benefits to the body aside from their breast enhancement effects. This means the breast enhancement process is as safe and as natural as possible.

Also, since you can easily incorporate these natural breast enhancement foods into your existing diet, there is no danger of forgetting a pill. They can also be cooked to make them palatable so you will hardly notice that you are taking breast enhancement substances.

Changing your diet and eating the right natural breast enhancement foods can help make your breast enhancement efforts more effective or can also speed up the process of breast enlargement. You can also combine a good diet and a good breast enhancement pill with exercise. This combination is said to have a more significant effect on breast size than supplements alone.

Pueraria Mirifica: The Most Natural Way to Enhance Breasts

pueraria mirificaWomen want big breasts. If you have big breasts, you feel like a real woman, you feel sexier and more confident as well. If you are among those who were unfortunate to not have big breasts, worry no more as there are now many ways you can enhance the size of your breasts.

Breast augmentation procedure is probably the fastest and most effective means you can do to enhance your breast size. But with it come risks and threats to your health. Since more and more people are resorting to natural methods and alternative medicine to health and healing, the beauty and enhancement industry also followed.

There are natural methods you can do to enhance your breast size that has less risks of side effects but takes a while longer to take effect and see noticeable results. Pueraria mirifica is one plant you can take to enhance your breasts naturally.

Pueraria mirifica is an herbal plant found mostly in northern and north eastern parts of Myanmar and Thailand. In Thailand, local folks use the plant for its medicinal purposes. This herbal plant contains high amounts of some estrogen phenols known as miroestrol and deoxymiroestrol which help enhance breast size and stimulate its growth.

Both phenols are said to be the highest estrogenic activity among all the other estrogen phenols available in the world making it among the most effective to use if you want natural ways on how to enhance your breast size.

The efficacy of such phenols can further be promoted when used in conjunction with other estrogen-triggering compounds such as isoflavones found in soy products. Together, they help enhance your breast size as well as promote better and firmer breast skin, promote a healthier cardio-vascular system, and promote a health bone and prostate condition.

This herbal plant is actually more than just a breast enhancement plant as it can do so much more for your body. Aside from enhancing breasts, such phenols are also found to be effective agents in preventing formation of breast cancer cells.

It is also found to help relieve pre-menstrual syndrome and menopausal syndrome, as well lowers cholesterol levels in the body to promote better health of your heart and prevent osteoporosis. Prolonged use of this product has also been found out to enhance sexual relationships with your partner and can make women feel more confident about their selves.

bigger breasts by using pueraria mirificaFor best results, it is recommended by the experts that people take this as a dietary supplement. You can find this in powder form you can mix with your regular morning drinks. For the purpose of enlarging your breasts, it is recommended that you intake up to 1000mg every day for best results.

But during your menstruation, it is advised that you discontinue use for a while or lower your dosage as the product might interfere with the hormonal changes your body undergoes. You can start using again after your period.

Pueraria mirifica is also best taken with an empty stomach followed by lots of water and a few drops of honey if desired for maximum efficacy. But if nausea occurs, it can be taken after ingesting some food. Food does not interfere with the efficiency of the product but the body’s ability to absorb and the time it will take effect.

A product like Naturaful with pueraria mirifica extract in their cream is one of the best on the market today and is used by at least thousands of women all over the world. Check out this Naturaful review to learn more about this breast enlargement cream